Benefits of Game Design course

We are starting the new season 2023-2024 with a few new course programs, one of them being Game Design for which we have had many requests from parents and children alike. This doesn’t come as a surprise, as nowadays it’s becoming really common for entertainment and education to be closely…

Një orë e veçantë e shkencës

A special science hour

Today was a special day in our science module: a day spent in nature together with our parents. Science is a module with a huge diversity of things to learn about our nature and experiments to complete in order for kids to practice their knowledge. Today, together with one of…

Moduli më i ri: Robotikë

Introducing: Robotics

SmartKids™ now offers a new course: Robotics! This module is all about improving practical skills, learn how to program robots, improve imagination and problem-solving skills, sequential logic and eye-motor coordination; all by playing and having fun individually and in groups! This module was challenging to implement, as it can be…