Services for Businesses

SmartKids - Kurse në bizneset tuaja: Robotikë, Shkencë, Kodim


We offer our courses to private educational institutions and other businesses interested to include STEM education as extra-curricular activities.

SmartKids - Kurse në bizneset tuaja: Robotikë, Shkencë, Kodim
  • Equipment

    For special courses like robotics, we bring our own equipment. The institution doesn't have to purchase anything and the maintenance fee is included with the price.

  • Venue

    We use your own venues or classrooms for holding the course sessions. We are flexible for whatever room layouts your institution provides.

  • Groups

    We organize students into groups of 8-10 to ensure maximum attention for each student.

  • Session

    The typical duration is 30 minutes for each session, although it varies according to the age groups. Contact us for more information.

  • Duration

    We offer year-long and summer camp activities but we are flexible if your institution requires our courses for a specific, limited duration.

  • Performance

    During each session, we gather various data that we like to organize into specific psycho-social indicators, which help us monitor the progress and help adapt the learning methodology for each student.

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