About Us

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A STEM Educational center that aims to familiarize kids and young adults with practical skills 


The mission of SmartKids is to create an innovative digital and physical educational ecosystem to encourage and support the development of a digital society of the future by including small age groups in educational activities according to modern programs from global communities and support of innovation starting from incubation up to the financing steps and beyond, by always keeping as an objective the narrowing of the gap between children and technology, by bringing new values in the society and preparing the new generations for a society and global market which will be based on the new digital technologies.

The future belongs to the children, let’s make sure they get the best of what we have built for them!


A Social Philosophy graduate, Kristina has focused her studies and experiences in the improvement of actual educational methodologies by introducing digital technologies as the means to keep up with the rapid changes and evolution of the global market. Her talent is finding innovative methodologies and adapting them to be as practical and entertaining as possible for different age groups in children. She strives to help children overcome their difficulties and is able to identify potential traits.
A Computer Science graduate, Geiv is one of the most active individuals in Albania as a teacher for various digital technologies and part of programming communities as mentor and facilitator. With more than 10 years of professional experience in Electronics and Programming of various fields, his talent is the ability to find, experiment and invent new technologies that are not yet available and then teaching other talented kids and adults the information gained though that process.