Newest addition for Science Module

As we just entered our Biology month, we have the newest addition in our assets: a microscope! A miniature, yet powerful microscope which we can connect with our Smart devices and allow the kids to watch what is laying in the micro world. This is a fun activity which also gives them a new perspective on things that we don’t usually see with our eyes, but still are there, right under our nose.

Today, we saw different slides on the microscope. As always, we started with red onion skin, and went on with things like: flower pollen, bee legs, crystals, air dust and so on. This lesson was greeted with lots of cheers and amazement from the kids and they were willing to give their feedback and opinions to their friends and family.

The microscope and the lesson that we had today, make the kids aware of the fact that we should take care of our surroundings, nature, plants, animals and overall health. We also reminded them the reasons why we always should wash our hands before we eat.

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