A special science hour

Today was a special day in our science module: a day spent in nature together with our parents.

Science is a module with a huge diversity of things to learn about our nature and experiments to complete in order for kids to practice their knowledge. Today, together with one of our most important partners and one of the best pre-school educational institutions in Albania: Shalom Center, we decided to organise one of the science hours outside, in nature! The children learned about the ecosystem, the important parts that it contains, and then they explained these facts to our special visitors: parents, who were happy to join us today in our little adventure.

Children and parents were put into groups of two or three, and after carefully putting on the safety gloves and prepared the glass containers, they started gathering samples from the surroundings with very clear objectives: building a miniature ecosystem of our own. The children practiced everything they learned by having lots of fun and a great time with their parents. Communication is key to achieving great results. After carefully following the steps, each group finished the project successfully and the samples were really beautiful.

Scan TV got the wind of our little adventure and joined us to learn more about our program and what we do in our sessions. An interview was conducted with the co-founders of the program, an interview which you can find here.

Warm gratitudes to all of the wonderful persons who made this day so special, like the lovely kids of Shalom Center together with her amazing leader, their parents, the Scan TV crew and to the National Park workers who made us feel welcome during the whole visit in the park.