Filloni me edukimin STEM sa më herët

Starting STEM education as early as possible

At SmartKids, we truly believe in the impact that the children will have on the future of everyone that will ever live. Our business is built on the principles of offering education as early as possible and we are constantly developing and adapting new methodologies, either coming from abroad or…

Një orë e veçantë e shkencës

A special science hour

Today was a special day in our science module: a day spent in nature together with our parents. Science is a module with a huge diversity of things to learn about our nature and experiments to complete in order for kids to practice their knowledge. Today, together with one of…

Prurja më e re në Modulin e Shkencës

Newest addition for Science Module

As we just entered our Biology month, we have the newest addition in our assets: a microscope! A miniature, yet powerful microscope which we can connect with our Smart devices and allow the kids to watch what is laying in the micro world. This is a fun activity which also…

Moduli më i ri: Robotikë

Introducing: Robotics

SmartKids™ now offers a new course: Robotics! This module is all about improving practical skills, learn how to program robots, improve imagination and problem-solving skills, sequential logic and eye-motor coordination; all by playing and having fun individually and in groups! This module was challenging to implement, as it can be…