Benefits of Game Design course

We are starting the new season 2023-2024 with a few new course programs, one of them being Game Design for which we have had many requests from parents and children alike. This doesn’t come as a surprise, as nowadays it’s becoming really common for entertainment and education to be closely connected so that the final learning impact in children is stronger. We find the opportunity to prepare and present to you a general overview on what this course is, why has it become such a trend, and what are its benefits towards the children. Make sure you read this article thoroughly to learn more about Game Design.

From the title itself, Game Design represents the creation and the development of virtual experiences in the video-gaming entertainment context. But, beyond the entertainment aspect and playing in groups, the main aim of Game Design is to offer a unique experience to the players, a responsibility that falls on the shoulders of those who have to build it and make sure that these games are attractive, with a beautiful story, interesting characters, challenging levels and an immersive overall experience. Last, but not least, children have to follow proper ethics when building these games. These items give a great value to the course, while covering a vast number of skills and aspects that are covered with the children.

What happens in Game Design?

In essence, Game Design includes the terrain sculpting (map), development of the rules, the structure, the story and its characters, keeping in mind important principles of game development, such as clear aims, ethical safety, pleasing environments, entertainment and challenge for the players. Game Design combines aspects such as storytelling, psychology, art and technology to create a digital world that invites players from all over the world to join a unique experience full of emotions.

What methods have we chosen to develop the Game Design program?

There are numerous platforms that enable us to build games, and among the most well-known are: Roblox, Unity and Unreal Engine. Keeping in mind that parents want to make sure that their children are entertained while learning new subjects and skills for their future, we chose Roblox. Among the reasons why we chose it, we can mention the main ones: ease of use when compared to the rest of the platforms that can only be used for older age-groups, its simplicity in publishing the game online for all of the available platforms such as personal computers, tablets, smartphones, without the need for advanced knowledge, the ability to play with friends in the same development environment, the simplicity of the “Lua” programming language, and last, a wide range of readily available assets and objects from the marketplace that improve the efficiency in building the terrain, both visually and functionally.

How long does this course last and what do children learn from it?

For game development to be successful, children should develop a number of skills within a period of 4 months in disciplines such as art, storytelling, visual aesthetics, logic, ethics and coding. In other words, they have to come up with a story and its respective characters and aims, then they need to sculpt the terrain and the environment where the events will take place. Afterwards they need to come up with a logical approach to the story so that they’re able to build the challenges and levels of that environment. Through an ethical approach, they will make sure that the game is non-discriminatory and safe for all other children to play. Last, but not in importance, they have to learn to code through the “Lua” programming language all the behaviors of the objects around the environment and its respective levels through which all players will have to go through.

What are the benefits of choosing this course?

The benefits of engaging the children in this course are plenty. This process naturally improves creativity by encouraging children to think outside the box and imagine beyond what is thought of already. Through their journey, they will definitely face challenges and problems. Each challenge and problem that they encounter will sharpen their analytical and problem-solving skills. Teamwork is usually one of the most important elements in developing a game in Roblox. Engaging children in group activities shows the importance of working in a team, communicating properly and the art of compromise. As a result, a well-built game may become vastly popular in the community, something that gives the children a rushing sense of encouraging accomplishment. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that through this process there might also be monetary income, because popular games require further maintenance, something that brings good income.

Why is it important that you choose this course?

In conclusion, we want to reiterate the importance of equipping children with technical and professional skills in a dynamic world such as the one we live in, where demand and professional engagement is ever growing. Game Design is a method that goes beyond the traditional entertainment and enables children to become independent that helps them grow in many ways. Through this method that we are bringing into life, we’re not only preparing the children for their future careers, but we’re giving them a considerable advantage.

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