Electronics: The newest SmartKids educational module

Just as we promised you in our printed leaflets last year, we are happy to introduce to you our newest educational module: Electronics!

Electronics has evolved so much during the past decade, that everything which surrounds us has started to be precept as being Smart, as such a new industry is born, the industry of Intelligence of Things, which is transforming our life and fields like design, transport, health, food security, agriculture, economy, consumer market and export. This module aims to teach to its participants how to analyse industry processes and how to automate through the most sophisticated software and hardware development platforms in the world, like Raspberry Pi and Arduino.

Children will learn the fundamentals of electronics and then will participate into fun group projects of building their favourite smart devices: by hand! Yes, the whole point of electronics is to give kids the possibility to build themselves whatever they imagine, and then “give life” to it by programming it.

This module, alongside with programming, are important skills that children will develop in their intellectual being and character, in preparation for any problem that will be presented to them in the near future, especially when problem-solving skills are required and involved with their careers.

You can find out more about this module, by clicking on this link, and as always you can contact us via our social media!

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